Sunday, 4 August 2013

Moving and Sugar Cookies


So, the big move is finally over. The moving part anyways - does unpacking ever end?

The movers arrived eight hours late, we finished unloading boxes at 3am, we ate an inordinate amount of donuts and tortilla chips to sustain ourselves.

It still feels totally weird. I'm still convinced this is some sort of strange, hectic vacation and that I'll be returning home any day now. Coming from the country, it's a huge change living so close to everything. All I can say is weird.

Amidst the frantic last days of packing ("Just shove it in a box!", "How fragile are china plates?", "Um, did we just pack up every utensil?") I decided to bake. Hah, hah. Use up ingredients, right? Right.

Our neighbors were awesome and I wanted to say good-bye. Everyone likes cookies, so cookies it was. Also because I somehow managed to scavenge a cookie sheet amongst the towers of cardboard.

(I found these paper plates at Target. Great for treat deliveries!)

Sugar cookies: flour, sugar, butter, salt. Four ingredients somehow magically transform into one of the most delicious of baked goods. Turn on the mixer and it's like a little Hogwarts inside the KitchenAid.

Google sugar cookie recipes and it's totally overwhelming! There are sooo many variations. I settled on a recipe from Annie's Eats, and oh man, were they good.

These cookies are the soft, thick, grocery-store style sugar cookies that you find with the neon frosting around the holidays. Totally addicting. Here's the recipe at Annie's Eats.

They didn't last long.


  1. Ah, moving is such a hassle, but hurrah for cookies, and those paper plates are cool.

    1. Perfect for gift giving...a step up from the "classic" paper plate, haha

  2. delicious cookies make a move so much better :)

    1. You have to keep up your energy while lugging all the boxes around somehow, right? :)